06 August 2015

benjamin en nina

tropical flamingo kimono R269 cotton on. vintage blouse tic tac toe. 

charcoal overalls R499 country road. 

broderie anglaise dress R349 cotton on.

white pompom t-shirt R139 cotton on.

left: blue & white striped jumpsuit R349 and vintage cap both 
cotton on. right: blush pink dress R229 h&m. in stores october.

white pompom t-shirt R139 cotton on.

photographer: marguerite oelofse 
grooming: amber caplan
models: nina from 'the agency'
& ranger the miniature horse
location: horse shoe farm
horse wrangler: francesca
child wrangler: chiara

all photo's by marguerite oelofse for the little revolution mag
all clothing available locally and in store for spring 2015. h&m in store october.

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