12 September 2013

wild nature

1. supermarket tote R250 from skinny laminx.   2. fox vest R150 from petit pois.  
3. scalloped edge shorts R259 from earth child.   4. stella leather sneakers (on sale) R519.20 from mimi and jojo.

what delightful little finds!

this is how it ties into supporting wildlife through fashion. (can't get enough of this!)

the tote bag is the super marvellously fashionable alternative to plastic shopping bags. the fox reminds us of animals and that we share this planet with them, did nature not exist before us? is it not the canvas on which we are painted? the 100% organic cotton scalloped shorts supports organic cotton growing and that directly benefits our water supply, fresh water organisms and keeps genetically engineered cotton out of our cupboard. good leather shoes (what i call a heritage piece) will stop us from buying poor quality shoes whereby we can decrease carbon emissions somewhere in another country where people work for peanuts making poor quality shoes and it becomes a marvellous hand-me-down that will probably do about 5 hand-me-down rounds before it finally gets given to Butch the chihuahua as a toy.

and that is how we can promote wildlife through fashion - can't help it!

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