10 November 2014

sticky-fudge concept store preview

for those who have not had the opportunity to see sticky-fudge's first concept store, here is look at what you can expect.

local concept, local designs, proudly south african

you'll find the shop in tyger valley mall, situated close by woolworths and the 
soon-to-be-there zara. its tiny, but you wont miss it.

here's what i love about sticky-fudge:
they custom design their own tiles for their shop. (bunny ears, spectacles and braces!)
they never leave a detail unscrutinised, (have you seen the postcard & jewellery!) 
they have a globally relevant vision (sold in 23 countries around the world!)
and i just love their old world charm! (voted as 1 of the top 5 brands by WGSN-thats massive!) 

the brand is divided into three categories, namely trusted, trendy and tailored, in which you'll get your basics, fashion items and the all-glorious hand crafted tailored items. prices range from R180 - R898. they cater for newborns to 7 year olds.

(...and they have a few more surprises up their sleeve...)

beautiful tiles specially made for sticky-fudge concept stores.

check out the media pack...i'm so lucky!

all photo's from neels kleynhans photography, except the last two, they are from weplaylego..

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