11 October 2013

christmas 2013

1. looney aluminium water bottle R60 from cape union mart.  2. super sweatshirt 
R349 from country road.   3. nautical striped shorts R280 from jojo maman bebe.   
4. vintage racing car hanger R40 from powell craft.   5. aqua blue sneakers R279 
from green-cross. (price may vary)  6. balloon powered wooden boat R49 
from schylling.   7. mini wooden monkey skittles R85 from ld toys.   
8. yoda torch & night light R430 from lego

there are some of us who prefer to get our christmas shopping out of the way early and there are some of us who enjoy being in crowded malls days before christmas, bustling to get that last pack of chocolate balls shivering on the shelf. and there are some of us who don't celebrate christmas, but would need to buy a gift for some occasion none the less. 

my recommendations are don't buy your chocolate balls too early nor your gifts too late.

..may the force be with you..



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