29 September 2013

baby girl


1 terracotta top R187 from sticky fudge.   2 button detail bandana R64 
from sticky fudge.   3 canvas t-bar shoe R229 from country road.   
4 summer romper R280 from tic tac toe.   5 soft floral dress R299 and 
bandana R64 both from sticky fudge.   6 indian moccasin R175 from nap.  

..this is for that little someone special in your life.. 

even though i think bandana's are a must have accessory, i highly recommend that you keep a keen eye on baby whilst she is wearing it as it can be a safety hazard. perhaps consider tying it with an extra tight double knot leaving at least 3 fingers room between the neck and bandana and take it off when she goes for a nap. 

i found the indian moccasins today at nap, aren't they adorable? just perfect for a developing foot.

the petit beteau outlet in the cape quarter is open! great prices for lovely pieces and adorable underwear, especially for 8-10 year olds, boys & girls. follow me on twitter to stay up to date with new shops and fabulous finds!

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