29 August 2014

2014 spring/summer preview

we have a good spread of tropical prints, outdoor-adventures, nautical trends and cool colours, to look forward to over the next few months. loads of accessories, such as backpacks and bandannas, give us more things to play with. one thing is guaranteed; summer rompers/onesey’s are here to stay! some brands have become smarter, and some bolder! all in                                   all, it’s looking very good and we have a lot to choose from.

brands included in this preview, in alphabetical order:
country road kids, earthchild, naartjie and sticky-fudge


country road
newborn: 0-24 months
kid: 2-12 years

there is a strong tropical influence in both the boy and girl ranges, with some exciting and refreshing interpretations of the trend coming through. lots of bold prints and neutral pieces, to offset against the boldness, if you choose to be careful, and vice versa, if you dare! they always produce sophisticated cuts and never add a detail that has not been scrutinized. plenty of romper’s to look forward to, in among the bright and beautiful colour palette.

newborn: 0-12 months
baby: 12-36 months
kid: 3-8 years
classic/denim collection: 3-10 years

we can expect lovely cool colours in this spring range, for both boys and girls. there are some nautical influences in the girl’s range and a very strong boy’s collection, with a lot of variety and trendy in a mature way, which is great for the mini-me look! they even have a little unstructured blazer for the lads!
other interesting elements are the bomber jackets, denim shirts for both boys and girls, in various shades of blues and a crisp white shirt, an essential! nifty chino’s round the collection off very well. 

newborn: 0-18 months
baby: 3-36 months
kid: 3-10 years

naartjie welcomes spring with an adorable gardening theme that makes you want to rush to the nursery and buy seedlings. their graphics make adorable t-shirts that can be worn in so many ways and the slouchy pair of slacks is a winner. rest assured, they will be well stocked with trendy romper’s for the whole of summer, with wonderful interpretations of their miss neon and tropical trends. sweet leather sandals will also be available and are very versatile. as the season progresses they become bold and playful within the tropical trend, something to keep your eye on.
‘the earth smiles with flowers!’

newborn: 0-12 months
kid: 1-7 years

exciting news here is that they will launch their first stand-alone store in cape town, expected to open in september (tyger valley center). the tailored range gives them a very smart overall look and, once again, they mix their charming vintage floral prints and strong modern graphics successfully, its very appealing. you’ll find light summer skirts, denim with subtle washes (which is always nice) and dandy little blazers, their light weight cardigans are always a good buy. i especially adore the loose fitting shirt, with pocket detail, its uses are endless and i want one. 

happy shopping dear friends
may the force be with you!

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