03 March 2014

2014 fall/winter preview

here's a glimpse of what we can expect in stores from, in alphabetical order:
earthchild, naartjie & sticky-fudge.
(also including their size breakdowns)

the highlights are that we can expect modern shaped trousers from all the brands, tailored twill coats for girls, african inspired infant wear, victorian inspired bibs for babies, and lovely winter boots. if i’m not mistaken in april there are also some desert boots coming our way again.

 they seem to be going for a very trendy look this season, comfy tapered tracksuit pants, elegant stripes, denim shirts and great caps.

 newborn: 0-12 months
baby: 12-36 months
kid: 3-8 years
classic/denim collection: 3-10 years 

both fall and winter are lovely ranges, true to the naartjie tradition of great graphics and floral delights that last forever and ever! they are also very embracing of ‘local is lekker’ in their graphics, a great stand as a south african brand!

one of the highlights, biased as it may be, is the introduction of modern shaped trousers for all ages! this is a very significant move with the times.

a good pair of slacks is a fundamental base for a good look.

for march/may we can expect the utility pants, putty chino’s, snood scarves and five new shapes in their lekker jean’s category.

for girls there is a lovely gypsy theme and i’m very excited about the ‘extra’ large floral print hoodies for girls, towards april, not to mention the desert boots which come in the ballet grunge collection. for boys there will be a south african mountain rescue theme to keep us warm!

 newborn: 0-18 months
baby: 3-36 months
kid: 3-10 years 

this young, but globally relevant brand's visionary
approach to designing kids clothing has always caught my attention.  

up their sleeve they have for us the introduction of their new tailored range. yes, this means we will finally have tailored coats and blazers for our little ones, yes and waistcoats!

they still remain true to their romantic signature in their tailored range, which will be accompanied with their trendy and trusted ranges.

for march/may we can expect a wonderful subdued palette, beautiful blouses, trousers inspired by the victorian era, large cable knit jerseys and wonderful tailored blazers, coats and waistcoats for boys and girls. (just had to mention that again, because winter without a gilet is just not fair.)

their newborn range throughout fall and winter is superb. we can look forward to delicate african inspired prints in beautiful african colour hues and modern designs. a very exciting range!

newborn: 0-12 months
kid: 1-7 years 

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